class gwcs.coordinate_frames.SpectralFrame(axes_order=(0, ), reference_frame=None, unit=None, axes_names=None, name=None, axis_physical_types=None, reference_position=None)[source]

Bases: gwcs.coordinate_frames.CoordinateFrame

Represents Spectral Frame

axes_order : tuple or int

A dimension in the input data that corresponds to this axis.

reference_frame : astropy.coordinates.builtin_frames

Reference frame (usually used with output_frame to convert to world coordinate objects).

unit : str or units.Unit instance

Spectral unit.

axes_names : str

Spectral axis name.

name : str

Name for this frame.

reference_position : str

Reference position - one of STANDARD_REFERENCE_POSITION

Methods Summary

coordinate_to_quantity(*coords)Given a rich coordinate object return an astropy quantity object.coordinates(*args[, equivalencies])Create world coordinates object

Methods Documentation


Given a rich coordinate object return an astropy quantity object.

coordinates(*args, equivalencies=[])[source]

Create world coordinates object