gwcs.wcstools.wcs_from_fiducial(fiducial, coordinate_frame=None, projection=None, transform=None, name='', bounding_box=None)[source]

Create a WCS object from a fiducial point in a coordinate frame.

If an additional transform is supplied it is prepended to the projection.

fiducial : SkyCoord or tuple of float
One of:

A location on the sky in some standard coordinate system. A Quantity with spectral units. A list of the above.

coordinate_frame : ~gwcs.coordinate_frames.CoordinateFrame`

The output coordinate frame. If fiducial is not an instance of SkyCoord, coordinate_frame is required.

projection : Projection

Projection instance - required if there is a celestial component in the fiducial.

transform : Model (optional)

An optional tranform to be prepended to the transform constructed by the fiducial point. The number of outputs of this transform must equal the number of axes in the coordinate frame.

name : str

Name of this WCS.

bounding_box : tuple

Domain of this WCS. The format is a list of dictionaries for each axis in the input frame [{‘lower’: float, ‘upper’: float, ‘includes_lower’: bool, ‘includes_upper’: bool, ‘step’: float}]