exception gwcs.wcs.NoConvergence(*args, best_solution=None, accuracy=None, niter=None, divergent=None, slow_conv=None)[source]

An error class used to report non-convergence and/or divergence of numerical methods. It is used to report errors in the iterative solution used by the all_world2pix().


Best solution achieved by the numerical method.


Estimate of the accuracy of the best_solution.


Number of iterations performed by the numerical method to compute best_solution.

divergentNone, numpy.ndarray

Indices of the points in best_solution array for which the solution appears to be divergent. If the solution does not diverge, divergent will be set to None.

slow_convNone, numpy.ndarray

Indices of the solutions in best_solution array for which the solution failed to converge within the specified maximum number of iterations. If there are no non-converging solutions (i.e., if the required accuracy has been achieved for all input data points) then slow_conv will be set to None.